April 17-19 2024 · 3rd Edition

April 17-19 2024

A Chain-Agnostic Conference

Rather Early Birds (limited quantity)


Enrico Bottazzi, Ethereum Foundation

Enrico Bottazzi

Cryptography Engineer @ Ethereum Foundation.

Facundo Medica, Binary Builders

Facundo Medica

Cosmos SDK Engineer @ Binary Builders.

David Juan Garcia, Arbitrum Foundation

David Juan Garcia

Ecosystem Growth & Program Manager @ Arbitrum Foundation.​

Daniel Lumi, zkSync and Matter Labs

Daniel Lumi

Senior Product Manager @ ZK Stack of zkSync and Matter Labs.​

Omar Espejel, Starknet Foundation

Omar Espejel

Developer Advocate @ Starknet Foundation.​

Ignasi Ramos, Polygon Labs

Ignasi Ramos

zkEVM Engineer @ Polygon Labs.​
Pol Lanski, DAppNode

Pol Lanski

COO at @ DAppNode.
Edgar Rootalu, Nansen

Edgar Rootalu

Engineering Manager @ Nansen.

David Garcia, NFT Price Floor

David Garcia

CEO and Co-Founder @ NFT Price Floor.
Mykola Siusko, Web3 Privacy Now

Mykola Siusko

Core Contributor @ Web3 Privacy Now.
Caron Schaller, CoinMetrics

Caron Schaller

Protocol Specialist @ CoinMetrics.​

David Monras, Blockchain Cloud Engineer @ Stakin

David Monras

Blockchain Cloud Engineer @ Stakin.​

Laryssa Medeiros, Web3 Socials @ Injective Labs

Laryssa Medeiros

Web3 Socials @ Injective Labs.
Gino Cingolani, Product Lead @ Decentraland DAO

Gino Cingolani

Product Lead @ Decentraland DAO.​

Tony Rocco Valentine, Software Engineer @ Dedaub

Tony Rocco Valentine

Software Engineer @ Dedaub.​

Riccardo Pagano, Program Manager @ Outlier Ventures

Riccardo Pagano

Program Manager @ Outlier Ventures.
Robbie Kruszynski, Developer Relations @ Chronicles

Robbie Kruszynski

Developer Relations @ Chronicles.​

Adrià Torralba-Agell, PhD on Blockchain Security and Scalability @ UOC's KISON Research

Adrià Torralba-Agell

PhD Candidate in Blockchain Security and Scalability @ UOC’s KISON Research Group.​

Sam Ricotta, Cosmos SDK Developer Relations Engineer @ Binary Builders

Sam Ricotta

Cosmos SDK Developer Relations Engineer @ Binary Builders.​

Jose Luis Muñoz-Tapia, Director of Master in Blockchain Tech @ UPC Barcelona

Jose Luis Muñoz-Tapia

Director of Master in Blockchain Tech @ UPC Barcelona.​

Pierre Daix-Moreux, Cryptography Researcher and Engineer at Ethereum Foundation

Pierre Daix-Moreux

Cryptography Researcher and Engineer @ Ethereum Foundation’s PSE team.​

Robert Dowling, Program Manager and Engineer at Filecoin

Robert Dowling

Program Manager and Engineer @ Filecoin.​

George Agapov, Protocol Engineer at o1Labs and Mina Protocol

George Agapov

Protocol Engineer @ o1Labs and Mina Protocol.​

Gilad Woltsovitch, Head of Revelator Labs, the Web3 arm of Revelator

Gilad Woltsovitch

Head @ Revelator Labs, the Web3 arm of Revelator.​

Joel Titus, Community Advocate @ Chainlink

Joel Titus

Community Advocate @ Chainlink.​

Ghazaleh Keshavarz Kalhori, Cryptography Researcher @ UAB's SeNDA Research Group

Ghazaleh Keshavarz Kalhori

Blockchain Researcher @ UAB’s SeNDA Lab.​

Ivan FB, Software Engineer @ Waku

Ivan FB

Software Engineer @ Waku

Jan Ellwitz, Biz Dev and Venture @ DoraHacks

Jan Ellwitz

Biz Dev and Venture @ DoraHacks.​

Dmitry Gusakov, Tech Lead @ Lido

Dmitry Gusakov

Tech Lead @ Lido.​

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15+ more speakers


Formalizing long term collaborations.

Akasha Hub Barcelona, Aticco, Epitech: partners of Web3FC and Web3 Family
Akasha Hub Barcelona, Aticco, Epitech: partners of Web3FC and Web3 Family


Builders of industry leading organisations.

Web3FC, past speakers
Web3FC, past speakers

About us

At Web3 Family, we run grassroots crypto community events in Barcelona. And this, all year long.

The 3rd Edition aka Web3FC³
Web3FC¹ was in December 2022. Web3FC² was in September 2023.

35+ Events And 2 Conferences
…since our launch in April 2022. This makes us the most active in-person crypto community in Spain.

Event Types
 1. Web3 Family Conference, our largest gathering.
 2. Educational meetups ranging from talks, debates and workshops.
 3. Social gatherings such as public and private dinners.


Web3 Family meetup on Stablecoins with Julian Nesk of kartpatkey and GnosisDAO
Web3 Family meetup on Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona

Friendly, cosy and casual despite the high quality of the participants.

Talks, Panels, Workshops & Public Debates
When appropriate, talks & panels are usually be followed by a public debate where everyone gets the chance to share their experience and opinion.

Conferences That Inspire Us
EthCC, DevCon, DevConnect and EthPrague.

Talks are in English but as for all our past events, other languages are spoken in other parts of the gathering.